Digital Create WordPress plugin is a 100% front-end WordPress page builder that allows you to simply design impressive and dynamic pages, sliders, video backgrounds and many more stunning elements for your webpages.


Visual Designer for WordPress

This visual builder is a simpler, better, faster way of creating visually stunning web pages in WordPress.
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Video backgrounds

Youtube or Vimeo video as backgrounds

Convert using forms

Lead capture is an essential element of any design. You can easily embed forms from other plugins such as Cladera form builder, using our shortcode element.

Place forms anywhere in your designs for ultimate impact.

Example form using form builder shortcode

Embed Google Maps 


Create stunning video based designs, using video from platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo.


Over 200 Web Fonts

Digital Create Plugin offers over 200 beautiful and professionally designed web fonts to use in your designs.

Some examples

Allerta Stencil
Droid Sans
Dancing Script

What our customers say

Love the way I was able to improve the design and layout of my homepage. One easy plugin where I can create layouts which better showcase our products.
Nelly Boyd - Creative Director, lovestorey.uk

Works with any WordPress theme

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